About the Founder

Flavia Campos is a professional organizer and founder of Soothing Spaces, Inc. She has combined her life’s working experience as a psychologist and office manager and her personal interest for interior design and spiritual growth to create Soothing Spaces, Inc.

Soothing Space’s approach to organizing is slightly different from other companies. Flavia applies her caring and thoughtfulness to all projects she starts. For her, organizing is not only about creating livable spaces and bringing organization to chaos. She believes in empowering her clients with the necessary tools and techniques so they can continue the process once she leaves. She also uses her studies in Psychology, Kabbalah, and Classic Feng Shui to help her clients be more conscious of old patterns, hidden fears or energetic clogs so they can enjoy a more fulfilling and organized life.

Flavia is an active member of:
National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO),
DC NAPO Chapter

phone: (202) 285-4244    email: flaviacampos@soothingspaces.com