Pamela Dickson - Miami, Florida
"How do you feel about organizing closets, or children's rooms, or old papers, or general clutter everywhere? If you are like me, you shudder at the thought and run for the hills. However, if you are like me, you eventually have to return to your abode, where the hills are even higher with old junk, old memories, old energy drainers. I have been running from my 'piles' for years, unable to find time or energy to take on the clutter from the last twelve years of parenting as a single working mother.  I made a resolution to get rid of my clutter last year and prayed for help.  The next day I saw a sign on a car that said 'Soothing Spaces'.  I took it as a sign from the heavens and called.

Flavia appeared on my doorstep like an angel the next week.  We spent the nine months meeting every month or so for four hours, working through the areas 'that bothered me the most'.  She was truly magical.  My bedroom in the front of the house got moved to the back of the house in merely four hours, something I had thought about for two years.  My son's room was transformed into a hip space for a twelve year old (this took a little longer than four hours - there was a lot to go through).  My office space was rearranged so that it was lovely and spacious - we reassigned my unworkeable armoire to an office supplies catch-all, and now I can find all of my supplies so easily.  My disastrous garage was transformed in a very short time to a spacious play area for my son, with labeled boxes on shelves around the periphery.

All of this wonderment comes with an added benefit - Flavia is truly delightful to work with and be around.  Perhaps it is her psychology background, but I felt nurtured and guided by her gentle and insightful advice.  I felt I could depend on her to journey with me through the clutter to the nirvana of space and organization.

In short, Flavia is a treasure.  Do not delay - there is a new world waiting beyond the clutter. Flavia's help transforms a tedious and difficult situation into a joyous collaboration and a new creation."

Maira - Make-up Artist
"Dear Flavia,
I still have much to do but I am 'doing' a little each day. Thank you for your Big Push! I am not trying, this time I am "doing" each and every day.

Sylvia Allen, Ph.D. - Miami, Florida
"Soothing Spaces President Flavia Campos saved my life by helping me to get rid of the clutter, organize and stay organized. She helped me change my attitude about what to keep and what to toss. I guess I could say she reorganized my thinking! What I really appreciated was her ability to have insight into my needs, to solve my problems in these areas and design solutions that would help me to stay organized. I interviewed several Professional Organizers prior to hiring Flavia. All of them were quite willing to come in and do the straightening up in their own way but what would I do after they left? I knew I would get back to my old habits of clutter again.

What good would that do?

Flavia impressed me with her professionalism, her dedication, her unending energy (is she really the Energizer bunny in disguise?), her organizational skills, her sheer pleasure and fun in creating solutions, her consistent motivation, and the amount of work and organization that she has put into her own company. She has many notebooks that she has put together herself full of pictures and ideas for her clients to choose from. If there’s not something in there for you she’ll find it!

Flavia’s help inspired me to go on to completely remodel my townhouse from top to bottom. She helped me with paint colors, design ideas, and shopping. I am ecstatic with how my house looks and feels. With Flavia’s help I have been able to create my house to reflect my personality and me.

Besides her professional abilities she is a kind, caring, and spiritual individual who is a pleasure to work with. I hope you choose her company. You will not go wrong."

Ena - Artist and Student
"I was at a period of my life where I was preparing to move to a new place, a new home, a new environment. Flavia was very instrumental in helping to get rid of the old so I could make room for the new.
Flavia has a lot of passion for what she does. She is always eager to share her knowledge and is always searching for many forms of new innovative and inspiring material for her work. She is a caring individual who loves the art of organizing and helping others to achieve there individual goals.
Many thanks,"